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Aegex10 IS Win 10 IoT (ATEX Zone 1/21)

• Screen Size - 10.1" Capacitive display
• Cpu - Intel Quad Core Atom 2.39GHz
• OS - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
• ATEX Zone 1/21 tablet

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Aegex10 IS Windows Tablet provides intrinsically safe mobility solutions for hazardous location environments in the oil and gas, chemical, public safety and utilities markets. Aegex enables enterprises to BYOS – “Build Your Own Solution” – to customize communications solutions to suit the needs of all personnel in and around all zones of hazardous locations.

Aegex10 IS Windows Tablet intrinsically safe Windows-based tablets meet a broad range of personnel requirements by employing a variety of enterprise-class applications and accessories. Aegex’s unified platform makes operation-wide integration and collaboration simple, with an overarching mobile solution that delivers operational efficiency, organizational safety and IT uniformity for each team member of a hazardous industry operation.

Purpose-Built Intrinsically Safe and Enterprise-Class:

Aegex devices are being certified UL913 C1D1, ATEX IECEx Zone 1 and IP65 for HazLoc use.

Windows-Embedded Universal Enterprise Platform:

All Aegex devices run Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS on a single platform for operation-wide continuity.

Cloud-Based Data Sharing:

Aegex solutions use 4G LTE for real-time collaboration.

Enterprise-Class Security with Intel Architecture:

Aegex solutions rely on Intel McAfee Security suite for enterprise-wide protection.

Customizable Solutions for All Hazardous Zones and Jobs:

Build your own solution for each team member with Aegex enterprise applications.



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