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Casio IT-9000

• Screen Size - 3.5” QVGA
• Cpu - PXA320 624MHz
• OS - Windows Embedded 6.5
• IP Rating - IP54

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Product Description

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The Casio IT-9000 delivers multi-functionality to perform a variety of work operations in a single device.A rugged body suitable for even demanding outdoor use, equipped with a high-speed thermal printer, 3G wireless WAN, and C-MOS imager for barcode reading. In addition, the Casio IT-9000 has enhanced the security features to prevent information leaks. The Casio IT-9000 provides total support to increase the efficiency of on-site business operations such as meter reading and traffic violation control.

High-Speed Thermal Printer

The Casio IT-9000 has a built-in high-speed thermal printer that provides to print up to 28 lines per second* to dramatically boost work speed and efficiency. In addition, text size and fonts can be changed to suit the printer content.

Wireless WAN for Outdoor Use

The Casio IT-9000 realises real-time communication with a built-in 3G wireless WAN module*for high-speed data transmission (HSDPA) and voice communication. In addition, GPS capabilities make it possible to acquire positional information. The Casio IT-9000 is a highly flexible handheld printer terminal that supports wide-ranging applications in field operations. For instance, operators can record the completion of meter reading together with positioning information.

Built-In Magnetic Card Reader

The Casio IT-9000 is equipped with modules for reading magnetic cards for membership cards, credit cards and other cards. The card reader improves efficiency in outside work by enabling workers to send server inquiries from the spot to obtain member information, employee ID information, and other data.


Specs Description
Physical Dimension - 255x79x37mm / Weight - 745g
Barcode Scanner  CMOS imager for 1D and 2D codes
Printing Speed
28 lines per second




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