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Nexcom VTC 7220

• Weight - 2.5Kg
• Cpu - Intel Dual Core 1.7GHz
• OS - Windows 10/ 7/ 8/ XP/ Linux
• Memory - 2GB (upto 16GB)

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The Nexcom VTC 7220 features powerful new generation Intel® Core™ processor i7-4650U.  The CPU performance gives the users the ability to adapt to what they need in any telematics application. The Intel® HD graphics 5000 engine allows users to fully take advantage of the VTC 7220 to achieve smooth, seamless and stunning graphic performance on 3 different video outputs (VGA, DP, LVDS). 

The VTC 7220 is equipped with 2 externally accessible SSD/HDD trays; users can easily download or upload the data on other devices by just removing the storage devices from the VTC 7220. By integrating the variety of I/O ports and 4 x mini-PCIe sockets expansibility, the VTC 7220 is not only suitable for video surveillance application, but also can meet the demand for other telematics applications, such as infotainment, fleet management and dispatching system.

With dual SIM card support, the VTC 7220 allows three SIM cards backup each other for a better connectivity quality by software. In addition, three SIM cards plus dual WWAN modules architecture can increase the bandwidth for a faster data transfer speed. Not only data transmission, Vthe TC 7220 also supports two-way voice communication. Equipped with intelligent power management, the VTC 7220 can wake-on-ignition, has RTC timer or SMS/Ring remotely.

  • Intel® Core™ processor dual core i7-4650U
  • Three SIM cards + dual WWAN modules support
  • Dual accessible & hot swappable SATA 3.0 SSD/HDD (RAID 0/1)
  • Built-in u-blox NEO-M8N module, optional Dead Reckoning support
  • Built-in CAN 2.0B. Optional CAN/OBDII module
  • Wake on RTC/SMS via WWAN module
  • Voice communication via WWAN module
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810G
  • 4 x mini-PCIe socket rich expansion capability
Physical Dimension - 260x206x79.5mm / Weight - 2.5Kg
Processor   Intel Dual Core i7-4650U, 1.7GHz
RAM 2 channel 204-pin DDR3L SO-DMIM 1333/1600MHz
up to 16GB, default 2GB.




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