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• Charge Time - 2 Hours
• IP Range - N/A
• Weight - 30g
• Water Proof - 1 Meter

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Product Description

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The Pettorway Z3 Live Tracker, with forward-thinking integrated GPS WIFI technology, enables pet owners to capture real-time tracking outdoor or indoor through its advanced mobile phone app, and upload their data to a dedicated social network for pet owners at Pettorway.com.
  • Tracker Dimensions 54mm*25.5mm*15.3mm.
  • Tracker Weight 30g.
  • Battery charge time 2 hours.
  • Battery life 6?8 hours in tracking mode, but can last up to 6 days in standby mode.
  • Tracker contains motion sensor so when pet is inactive the product goes into standby and preserves battery life. Battery life is dependent on usage patterns.
  • Tracker is water proof up to 1m.


Specs Description
Physical Size - 54x25.5x15.3mm/ Weight - 30g
Accuracy    3 Meters
Battery Life 6 to 8 hours in tracking mode



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