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Bluebird BM-170

• Screen Size - 3.5" QVGA TFT
• Cpu - PXA320 806MHz
• OS - Windows Mobile 6.5
• IP Rating - N/A

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Bluebird BM-170 enterprise handheld PDA presents a rugged smartphone with its sleek and stylish yet robust form factor. Its 3.0MP autofocus camera with barcode reading capability and 3.5” display with G-sensor technology suits for customer facing applications including tableside ordering in hospitality, home nursing care in healthcare, and signature and mobile data collection in logistics.


Rugged Smartphone

  • BM-170 enterprise PDA presents a rugged Smartphone on the market with its sleek and stylish design yet reliable use in semi-rugged environments.

Field Mobility

  • BM-170 enterprise PDA delivers an improved mobile workforce thorough the comprehensive voice and data capability. HSDPA (3.5G) mobile radio allows highperformance voice and data communication and WiFi enables reliable wireless data transmission.

Powerful Performance

  • BM-170 enterprise PDA offers the best-in-class performance. With high-speed 806MHz processor and Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System, BM-170 delivers maximum computing power with easy system integration capability.

Outstanding Visibility

  • BM-170 enterprise PDA delivers improved asset visibility. Its integrated 3.0MP autofocus camera with barcode reading capability (optional) enables users to capture images and barcode data. Besides, an 3.5” display with G-sensor technology and sensitive touch capability suits for customer facing applications


Physical Dimension - 15.5x8.2x2.5cm / Weight - 4kg
Performance    Processor - PXA320 806MHz / Ram -  128MB DDR RAM
Camera 3.0 MP camera / Barcode Reading (optional)



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