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Motorola WT4000 Series

Enhance worker efficiency and productivity with rugged, high-performance, hands-free mobile computing and scanning. The Motorola WT4000 Series Wearable Terminal from Motorola empowers warehouse and package handling workers to achieve new levels of efficiency, productivity and accuracy by bringing the most advanced computing and scanning technology to their fingertips in an ergonomic, wearable design.

The hands-free system offers maximum flexibility, with headset support for voice picking, as well as mix and match connectors on either side of the device enabling the right- or left-handed scanning. The robust system delivers the kind of dependability you need for every-day all-day operation, offering the latest in mobile operating systems and processing power in a rugged design to endure the most demanding environments from the dusty warehouse floor to the cooler and freezer, or to a postal sorting area.

Connectivity to virtually any wireless LAN provides a critical always-on connection to your business systems. Accuracy is increased in picking operations since workers can receive instant feedback if the wrong item is selected, reducing the costs associated with erroneous shipments.

A flexible computing and scanning platform for every warehouse environment The Motorola WT4000 Series wearable system provides a single scanning platform that can support many applications. The system supports voice-only, text-only and combination voice and text, and can be worn comfortably on either the wrist or the hip.

Two scanning options offer support for near and far scanning the lightweight RS409 ring scanner, and the freezer-ready back-of-the-hand RS309. Using the same device, voice-based picking can be employed to improve picking speed, while text-based capabilities stand ready to display information and allow keyed input for more precise picking as well as error and exception handling, across the wide range of warehouse temperatures. Both scanners offer the high level of scanning performance that is synonymous with the Motorola name, including the ability to scan poorly printed or damaged bar codes. This complete hands-free system provides a common platform for warehouse operations that eliminates the need to purchase, deploy, support and manage multiple devices, effectively reducing capital as well as operational expense.

Maximum uptime, return…and valueWhen you need maximum value from your warehouse technology investments, the Motorola WT4000 Series wearable system delivers. Designed from Motorola’s extensive experience gained from over 30 years as the market leader in bar code scanning and over 12 years in designing, selling and supporting wearable mobile computing products, the Motorola WT4000 Series represents the latest in hands-free wearable solutions. Upgraded ergonomics improve user comfort and safety, increased durability covers a wider range of enterprise warehouse environments, and new features simplify operation and help increase worker productivity. And since even rugged devices need a support plan, Motorola offers Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage to help.


Specs Description
Physical Dimension – 142 x93x 26 / Weight – 320.3g
processor Intel XScale™ PXA270 @ 520 MHz
23 key alpha-numeric


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