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Windows PDAs

Rugged Mobile Systems

Durable, well supported Windows Embedded 6.5.3 or Win 10 IoT PDAs that can work wherever you do. 

With high brightness displays, drop resistance, MIL-STD-801G approvals, Ingress Protection rating for dust and water plus optional integral cameras, 1D/2D barcode and HF & UHF RFID readers.  All with WiFi, Bluetooth and option for mobile broadband.  With numeric, alpha-numeric or Qwerty physical keypads. All with a broad range of accessories including vehicle mounts, vehicle chargers, scanning trigger handles etc. 

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  1. Zebra MC75A
    Zebra MC75A
    Screen Size - 3.5" full VGA Cpu - PXA320 @ 806 MHz OS - Windows Mobile® 6.5 Classic IP Rating - IP54
  2. Zebra MC55
    Zebra MC55
    Screen Size - Color 3.5" QVGA Cpu - XScale PXA 270 520 MHz OS - Windows Mobile 6.5 Classic IP Rating - IP54
  3. Zebra MC65
    Zebra MC65
    Screen Size - PenTile 3.5" Color VGA Cpu - Qualcomm 7627 600 MHz OS - Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro IP Rating - IP64

3 Items

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