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Windows Smartphones

Rugged Mobile Systems

Robust yet versatile Windows Embedded 6.5.3 or Win 10 IoT Smartphones, compatible with legacy software and tough enough to work wherever you do. 

Offering sunlight readability (some still with resistive displays), drop resistance, Ingress Protection rating for dust and water, plus optional integral 1D/2D barcode and HF & UHF RFID readers.  All with WiFi, Bluetooth and some with option for 4G mobile broadband.  Plus a broad range of accessories including vehicle mounts, vehicle chargers, scanning trigger handles etc. 

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  1. Janam XT2 Windows 10 IoT
    Rugged Touch Computer Janam XT2 Windows 10 IoT
    Screen Size - 5.0” HD (720x1280) Cpu - Qualcomm Snapdragon (1.2GHz) OS - Win 10 IoT Enterprise or Android 5.0 IP Rating - IP67
  2. Panasonic FZ-F1 - End Of Life
    Rugged Windows Smartphone Panasonic FZ-F1 - End Of Life
    Screen Size - 4.7" display Cpu - Quad Core 2.3GHz OS - Windows 10 IoT Enterprise IP Rating - IP68
  3. Nautiz X3
    Nautiz X3
    Screen Size - 2.8” QVGA
    Cpu - Marvell PXA320 806MHz
    OS - Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro
    IP Rating - IP65
  4. Opticon H21
    Opticon H21
    Screen Size - 2.8” LCD with touch
    Cpu - PXA320 806MHz
    OS - Windows Mobile 6.5
    IP Rating - ip64
  5. Gen2Wave RP1300
    Gen2Wave RP1300
    Screen Size - 4.3" WVGA TFT
    Cpu - S5PV210 1GHz
    OS - Android 4.1.2 Jellybean
    IP Rating - IP64
  6. Honeywell Dolphin CT50
    Rugged Mobile Computer Honeywell Dolphin CT50
    Screen Size - 4.66” HD TFT Cpu - 2.26GHz Qualcomm OS - Windows Embedded 8.1 IP Rating - IP67

6 Items

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