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Trimble Nomad 1050 (End of Life)

• Screen Size - 3.5” VGA 16 Bit Colour
• Cpu - Texas AM3730 1 GHz
• OS - Windows Embedded 6.5 Pro
• IP Rating - IP68

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Although now End of Life we can still source limited stock of the Nomad 1050, please call us on 0845 6520816 for pricing.

The Trimble Nomad 1050 rugged handheld computer’s many built-in capabilities make it easy to collect, maintain, save and transmit data in the field. It provides all the features mobile workers need, including: a lithium-ion battery with more than 15 hours of continuous use, 8 GB storage, and a high-resolution, sunlight-readable VGA color display to show images, maps and data in crisp detail.  The Ingress Protection rating (of IP68) provides the 1050 with full dust protection and protection from immersion in water, meaning the Nomad 1050 works where you work, whatever the conditions.  The Nomad 1050 supersedes the former Nomad 900 PDA.


For communications, the Nomad 1050 offers a full range of integrated wireless capabilities from Bluetooth® to optional 3.75G dual-band GSM/CDMA connectivity.1 The Nomad 1050 includes Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 office software for field

compatibility with most back-office applications. Take advantage of the customization possible with USB and Serial ports, SD slot, boots, caps, and integrated options. The Nomad 1050 even provides a choice of two keypads to provide the best possible workflow options for the field. Use it wearing gloves and still collect data and maintain your datasets with speed and ease. The Nomad 1050 boasts an advanced Trimble GPS antenna design which reads the full constellation of satellite signals plus SBAS. It gives 2-4 meter positional accuracy, with GPS acquisition in seconds, and works under thick canopy, in canyons or near tall buildings; ideal for both rural and urban data collection requirements. The 5 megapixel camera software captures high resolution images for maintenance and repair applications. Photographs and videos can be geotagged and the information shared immediately for better business intelligence in real-time. The 1.0 GHz processor has the power you need for advanced application work, with Trimble’s optimized graphics processing, advanced caching, and proprietary high-speed journaling system.


For today’s many barcode matrixes, the LE and XE models offer 1D/2D barcode imaging, with built-in capability to recognize and sort dozens of barcodes at once, ideal for busy warehouses, transportation of products or complex asset tracking. If you have a proprietary sensor for your workflow, you can use a standard USB connection to integrate that sensor underneath the available Nomad extended cap, and have a fully-rugged product with your own customization. For Ultra High Frequency RFID tag reading, the Nomad 1050 works with a Trimble® ThingMagic® modular accessory.

  • 15 hour battery life
  • Choice of keypads and connectors (boots)
  • Integrated 2-4 meter GPS
  • 1D/2D integrated barcode imager
  • 3.75G dual-band GSM/CDMA connectivity
  • 5 MP camera with flash and geotagging capability
  • Integrated Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi capability
  • Full-color 3.5” VGA display
  • 1.0 GHz Texas InstrumentsTM Processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® Embedded Handheld (WEHH) 6.5
  • IP68 rated rugged for any environment


Physical Dimension - .17.6x10x5.0cm / Weight - 596g
Display 3.5”, 480 x 640 pixel (full VGA)
CPU 1.0 GHz, Texas Instruments DM3730



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