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Zebra TC25

• Screen Size - 4.3" WVGA
• Cpu - 1.4GHz 8-Core
• OS - Android 7.0
• IP Rating - IP65

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You spend your days making deliveries, repairing equipment or providing services — from plumbing and electrical to parcel delivery, yard maintenance and more. Every day, there’s so much to do, so little time to get it done — and so many competitors ready to serve your customers. You need a tool to work faster and smarter. You need the TC25 with all the features to get more done and satisfy more customers every day.

Get the power to do more in less time with the TC25 — the rugged smartphone designed for your small business.  With 4G WWAN module for voice & data communications plus Workforce Connect Push to Talk Express or Pro the TC25 is the ideal tool for your business.

Physical Dimension -  134x73.1x16mm / Weight - 195g
Performance  Processor - QCOM 8-Core 1.4 GHz / Ram - 2GB RAM
Camera Rear - 8MP autofocus, Front 2MP fixed focus



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