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Zebra XPAD L10 (ATEX Zone 2/22) - Windows 10 Pro

• Screen Size - 10.1" 2K Resolution Display
• Cpu - i5 vPro 8350U or Pentium N4200
• OS - Windows 10 Pro
• ATEX - Zone 2/22 with integrated handle

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While the Zebra XPAD L10 Rugged Hard Handle Tablet computer may be best recognized for its ergonomic hard handle, it is also known for its field-proven, industrial-grade durability – especially among those in field service and industrial sectors who spend their days walking and working. It is now approved to be used in hazardous areas with ATEX Zone 2/22 certification. 

Xplore has applied more than 20 years of rugged engineering expertise to perfect the balanced design – and improve the user handling – of this ergonomic rugged tablet form factor. We have also integrated the most advanced rugged computing technology available today to ensure the XPAD L10 exceeds your performance expectations for years to come.

Physical Dimension - 305.6 x 278.7 x 32 mm / Weight - 2.1 kg
Display  10.1" 2K Resolution (1920x1200)
Memory 8GB to 16GB 



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