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Zebra / Xplore XSLATE L10 (ATEX Zone 2/22)

• Screen Size - 10.1" 2K Resolution Display
• CPU - 8th Generation Intel Core i5 vPro 8350U
• OS - Windows 10 Pro
• ATEX - Zone 2/22

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Whether your business is  public safetyutilities, or manufacturing, the XSLATE L10 rugged tablet computer will enable you to drive greater business efficiency among your mobile workforce, and now approved to be used in ATEX Zone 2/22 hazarous areas.

It is more important than ever to give workers the right mobility tools. They need a reliable way to capture, extract, and analyse data about your customers, assets, and new revenue-generating opportunities, especially when away from their desks, the XSLATE L10 is an ideal tool for data capture in the field.

Physical Dimension - 305.1 x 225.6 x 31 mm / Weight - 1.8kg
Display  10.1" 2K Resolution (1920x1200)
Memory 8GB to 16GB 



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