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Brother MW-140BT

• Printing Speed - 15 seconds/page
• IP Range - N/A
• Weight - 300g
• Paper Size - A7, A6

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Product Description

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With a compact Brother MW-140BT MPrint in the palm of your hand, the printing and sharing of information is quick, convenient and above all, instant. Starting at a thickness of just 17.5mm including the rechargeable lithiumion battery and paper cassette, the Brother MW-140BT mobile printer range is ultra-compact and designed for true portability, whatever the application or wherever the situation. Its ultra-compact profile has been realised by using a unique slim line, cut-sheet paper cassette system that takes just seconds to install. As no cutter or tear-bar is used, each sheet is guaranteed to be the same size, print-after-print. And because the paper is not bound tightly on a roll, there is no issue of paper curl.

Improve your productivity

Integrated wireless Bluetooth technology allows printing directly from a mobile device or PC without the need for cumbersome cables or the inconvenience of infra-red ports. This wireless freedom gives you many ways of using the printer, such as inside your jacket pocket or attached to your belt.

A7 & A6 Paper Sizes

The Brother MW-140BT is the smaller of the two printers, producing A7 size prints, making it ideal for handheld use. Where more text needs to be printed, the Brother MW-140BT prints on A6 size paper.


Specs Description
Physical Dimension - 100x163x17.5mm / Weight - 300g
Printing Speed 15 seconds/page
Printing Size / Resolution   74mm x 105mm / 300dpi x 300dpi



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