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All-In-One Vehicle & Forklift Truck PCs

Rugged Mobile Systems

RUGGED MOBILE Systems provide a range of all-in-one In-vehicle/ In-Cab and Forklift truck PCs, suitable for use in a broad range of applications. 

For all-in-one in-vehicle use such as in waste collection vehicles, winter gritting lorries and similar activities requiring hardware that is robust with excellent connectivity options we offer solutions such as the Nexcom VMC1100 which has proved very reliable in these use cases.  With clear 7" display and ability to connect via pass through antenna to roof mount antennas for GPS, 4G and WiFi the VMC1100 is a flexible yet robust touchscreen Windows 10 PC that withstands heavy useage.  For Android applications in such environments the RuggON Viking is a GMS approved Android 9 all-in-one solution also with a compact 7" display.

For all-in-one forklift truck and in-truck requirements JLT Mobile's range of JLT VERSO computer and JLT1214 touch screen logistics computers cannot be beaten for reliability and performance. JLT's units are ideal for applications within mining, ports, yard-logistics, freezer storage, forestry, and agriculture.  See all our all-in-one solutions below.

For in-vehicle installation we can undertake site surveys to advise on best way to mount devices in your vehicles.  We can then instruct licenced installers to fit the systems for you.  

17 Items

17 Items