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High Accuracy GPS

Rugged Mobile Systems

Looking for sub-metre GPS accuracy on your Android, Windows or iOS device? 

Look no further, we have a number of solutions on offer. The Juniper Systems Geode is built for the outdoors this handy standalone GPS module can be easily tethered via Bluetooth to any Android, Windows or iOS device, providing <1m accuracy GPS data in the field. 

Another iOS compatible device is the Trimble PG200 offering an alternative high accuracy GPS capture device, also compatible with Android & Windows. 

There are also a few all-in-one high accuracy GPS deviceson offer , including the Trimble Empower GNSS module that can be easilty attached to the Trimble Nomad 5 PDA, Ranger 7 or Yuma 7 tablets for sub-metre GPS data:

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  1. Trimble TDC600 Handheld GNSS
    All-in-one GNSS Data Collector and Smartphone Trimble TDC600 Handheld GNSS
    GNSS Accuracy - 1.5m Screen Size - 6" Capacitive Multi Touch OS - Android 10 (GMS) IP Rating - IP67
  2. Juniper Systems Geode GNS2
    Sub-Meter GPS Module Juniper Systems Geode GNS2
    Bluetooth 4.0 - Class 1 - Long Range IP Rating - IP68 Weight - 360g Serial Baud Rates: 4800-115200
  3. Trimble TDC150 Handheld GNSS - (Discontinued)
    High-Accuracy GNSS Receiver Trimble TDC150 Handheld GNSS - (Discontinued)
     The Trimble® TDC150 is now discontinued We advise the Trimble TDC600 as an alternative
  4. Trimble EMPOWER EM100 GNSS Module
    Sub-Metre GNSS Module Trimble EMPOWER EM100 GNSS Module
    SBAS - WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, GAGAN, SBAS ranging Sub-Metre Accuracy - SBAS 1m; VRS (Now) H-Star: 75cm; VRS/DGNSS: 75cm; RTX ViewPoint :50cm Compatible OS - Windows 10 Pro or Android IP Rating - IP65/ IP67
  5. Trimble PG200
    High Accuracy GPS Module Trimble PG200
    Receiver Type - GNSS frequency
    Antenna - Internal multi-GNSS
    OS - Windows Handheld 6.5
    IP Rating - N/A

5 Items

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