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Miscellaneous Accessories

Rugged Mobile Systems

From rugged Bluetooth or USB keyboards to rugged ATEX cases for iPads we offer a broad range of peripherals for the rugged hardware we offer.

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  1. Nexcom VTK-RELAY
    Ruggedized In-Vehicle Relay Module Nexcom VTK-RELAY
    4 x Isolated digital inputs and 4 x Isolated digital outputs 1 x Analog input and 1 x Frequency input Communication interface of RS-232 and USB 2.0
  2. Nexcom VTK-62B
    Smart UPS Kit for In-Vehicle Application Nexcom VTK-62B
    Smart UPS for in-vehicle application Communication - RS232/ SMBus  Capacity - 8600mAh Compatible with Nexcom vehicle/railway PCs
  3. Unitech WD100
    Wearable Android Computer Unitech WD100
    Screen Size - 4" Cpu - Qualcomm 1.2 GHz Quad OS - Android 7.1 IP Rating - IP65
  4. iKey SK-79 Keyboard
    Rugged USB and PS/2 Keyboard iKey SK-79 Keyboard
    Humidity - 100% Humidity Shock - 3x11 ms Weight - 0.45kg IP Rating - N/A
  5. iKey sl-86-911 Keyboard
    Rugged AT/Serial, PS/2 and USB Keyboard iKey sl-86-911 Keyboard
    Humidity - 100% Humidity Shock - 3x11 ms Weight - 0.91kg IP Rating - N/A
  6. iKey SL-86-911-TP Keyboard
    Rugged Keyboard iKey SL-86-911-TP Keyboard
    Humidity - 100% Humidity Shock - 3x11 ms Weight - 1.02kg IP Rating - N/A
  7. Zebra WT4000 Series
    Zebra WT4000 Series
    keyboard - 23 key alpha-numeric CPU - Intel XScale PXA270 520MHz Weight - 320.3g IP Rating - IP54
  8. iKey StreetCase iPad Case
    iKey StreetCase iPad Case
    Rugged case & keyboard
    Drop-proof and submersible
    Apple hotkeys
    IP Rating - N/A

8 Items

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