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Rugged BT & WiFi Mobile Printers, Barcode & RFID Readers

Rugged Mobile Systems

We offer a range of rugged Bluetooth barcode and HF, LHF and UHF RFID readers - some with ATEX approvals.  Just let us know your requirements and what OS your device is running and we'll help you select the best device for your requirements.

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  1. Zebra RS419 Ring Scanner
    Zebra RS419 Ring Scanner
    Scan Rate - 92 Scans/per sec
    Scanner Type - 1D / 2D
    Light Source - 650nm LASER 1.7mW
    IP Rating - IP54
  2. Unitech MS652 Ring Scanner
    Wearable 2D Ring Scanner Unitech MS652 Ring Scanner
    Weight - 95g Reads 1D, 2D and PDF417 Barcodes Scanner Range - >10 m (line of sight) IP Rating - IP42
  3. Pepperl+Fuchs Ident-Ex 01 Bluetooth Scanner (DISCONTINUED)
    ATEX BT RFID & Barcode Scanner Pepperl+Fuchs Ident-Ex 01 Bluetooth Scanner (DISCONTINUED)
    ATEX Zone 1/21 Approved IP Range - IP64 LF/HF/UHF RFID 1D or 2D Barcode Reader
  4. Unitech MS650 Ring Scanner
    Wearable CCD Ring Scanner Unitech MS650 Ring Scanner
    Weight - 20.5g Scanner Type - 1D Barcodes Scanner Range - >10 m (line-of-sight at open space) Ring Scanner
  5. CoreRFID RT100 RFID Scanner
    CoreRFID RT100 RFID Scanner
    Scan Range - upto 8cm
    Scanner Type - 1D
    Weight - 140g
    IP Range - N/A
  6. Socket Mobile 1D Scanner
    Socket Mobile 1D Scanner
    Scan Rate - 50 scans/sec
    Scanner Type - 1D
    Weight - 45g
    IP Range - N/A
  7. Socket Mobile 2D Scanner
    Socket Mobile 2D Scanner
    Scan Rate - 56 scans/sec
    Scanner Type - 2D
    Weight - 68g
    IP Range - N/A
  8. Socket Mobile 8Ci Scanner
    Socket Mobile 8Ci Scanner
    Scan Rate - 5 scans/sec
    Scanner Type - 1D
    Weight - 48.2g
    IP Range - N/A
  9. Zebra EM220II Mobile Printer - DISCONTINUED
    Mobile Printer Zebra EM220II Mobile Printer - DISCONTINUED
    DISCONTINUED - see Zebra ZQ200 Series
  10. Zebra ZQ500 Series Printers
    Rugged Mobile Printer Zebra ZQ500 Series Printers
    Printing Speed - Up to 5"/127mm per second Resolution - 203 dpi (8 dots/mm) IP Rating - IP54 Battery - 2450 mAh removable

10 Items

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