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RUGGED MOBILE Systems are a Distributor for NEXCOM 

We have been NEXCOM’s UK distributor for over 10 years. We are one of the most experienced Nexcom partners in the UK.  We provide NEXCOM’s latest Mobile Computing Sollutions range of In-Vehicle Technology to aid in the fast advancing area of Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cities, including:

- AI Edge Telematics Solutions

- Advanced Telematics Computers

- In-Vehicle Networking

- Mobile NVR

- Modular Vehicle Computing Systems

- Railway Computers

- Vehicle Mount Computers

- Vehicle Mount Displays; and

- Vehicle Telematics.

Ideal for use with current ANPR systems, mobile video capture, Fleet Management Systems, Public Transport/ Service Systems, mobile communication hubs, Train NVR and Passenger Information Systems and applications with high demand on graphic performance.

RUGGED MOBILE Systems have extensive technical experience of NEXCOM’s systems, and can assist in the design of the best solution for you, and provide customised solutions and we can also undertake installation surveys and arrange for installs by a 3rd party approved installer. 

Several of NEXCOM's products are now compatible ultraONE+ technology allowing for the transmission of video, audio, power and USB up to 10m distance in a single cable with secure connection both ends. 

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, NEXCOM is committed to being your trustworthy partner in building the intelligent systems.  NEXCOM’s Taiwan based Headquarters and subsidiary offices in China, UK and USA have, like RUGGED MOBILE Systems, obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

84 Items

84 Items