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JLT Mobile Computers

JLT Mobile Computers

RUGGED MOBILE Systems are an experienced sales partner of JLT Mobile Computers.

JLT’s core business is research and development of rugged vehicle computers for operation in very tough environments. A business network based on hand selected multinational partners is the key to JLT’s success in a rapidly evolving marketplace.  JLT’s strength lies in their keen ability to stay focused on the cutting edge of computing technology and to develop revolutionary solutions ahead of their competitors.

JLT's story starts in 1994 the Internet was new, industrial computers were basic and 3G was still a dream. Over the following decades, JLT pioneered the rugged computing market. By taking design and quality to new levels, JLT brought the possibilities of computing to industries where a typical office machine might last just minutes.

Today JLT are Sweden’s largest PC manufacturer, with over 100,000 computers shipped worldwide. But their mission remains the same as ever: they're here to empower customers’ business by enabling hassle-free data communication in challenging environments.

JLT believe details make all the difference when it comes to rugged devices. That’s why they have their own engineering and manufacturing facilities in Sweden, enabling control of every aspect of production with high precision. The result is quality you can count on without question.

JLT combines global resources with the agility of a small company. The performance of a rugged device is highly dependent on the ecosystem around it; everything from building layout to IT infrastructure plays a part. JLT understand all the complications and we’re focused on solving them for you.

Drawing on years of experience and leading technical knowledge, JLT empower your business and keep your operations running smoothly.

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  1. JLT VM3010A
    Vehicle-Mount Android Computer JLT VM3010A
    10.4” 1024 x 768 Panel with PCAP touchscreen
    Cpu - Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 Octa-core CPU
    OS - Android 9
    IP Rating - IP65
  2. JLT VERSO+ 10
    Vehicle-Mount Computer JLT VERSO+ 10
    10.4” XGA LED 800NIT screen
    Cpu - Intel Core i3, i7 oe E3845
    OS - Windows 10
  3. JLT VERSO 10
    Vehicle-Mount Computer JLT VERSO 10
    Display -  10.4" XGA LED Cpu - Intel® Core™ i3-7100U or i7-7600U OS - Windows 10 IoT LTSC
  4. JLT VERSO 12
    12.1" sunlight readable display (500 or 1000 NITS)
    Cpu - Intel Core i3 or i7
    OS - Windows 10
    IP Rating - IP65 (IP66 with Roxtec)
  5. JLT VERSO 15
    15" Sunlight Readable resistive display Cpu - Intel Core i3/i7 or Intel E3845 OS - Windows 10 IP Rating - IP65 or IP66 with Roxtec Sealing
  6. JLT6012
    Rugged Logistics Computer JLT6012
    12.1” XGA LED 1000 NIT display
    Cpu - Quad Core Intel E3845
    OS - Windows 10 IoT or Android 8.1
    IP Rating - IP65
  7. JLT 1214P
    Rugged Logistics Computer JLT 1214P
    12.1” XGA LED 500 NIT display
    Cpu - Quad core Intel E3845
    OS - Windows 10
    IP Rating - IP65
  8. JLT 1214N
    Rugged Logistics Computer JLT 1214N
    12.1” XGA LED 500 NIT display
    Display - 12” XGA LED 500 NIT
    Cpu - Intel Atom E3845
    OS - Windows 10
  9. JLT MT2010K
    Rugged Windows Tablet with Integral Keyboard JLT MT2010K
    Screen Size - 8” with Sunlight Viewability & Qwerty Keyboard
    Cpu -  Intel® Celeron® Quad Core N2930 1.83 GHz
    OS - Windows 10 Pro
    IP Rating - IP65
  10. JLT MT2010P
    Rugged Windows Tablet JLT MT2010P
    Screen Size - 10.1” with Sunlight Viewability
    Cpu -  Intel® Apollo Lake Pentium N4200 Processor
    OS - Windows 10 IoT
    IP Rating - IP65

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