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• 10.4” XGA LED 800NIT screen

• Cpu - Intel Core i3, i7 oe E3845

• OS - Windows 10


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The JLT VERSO+10 computer represents a new class of rugged vehicle terminals. The VERSO 10 computer provides leading performance in the industry’s smallest rugged form factor, making it a perfect choice for installations in tight spaces. With a quick-mount feature, QuickLock, the computer can easily be attached and detached in a vehicle to simplify service, being moved between vehicles or prevent theft by removing it at the end of the working day. The VERSO 10 computer is ideal for applications within mining, ports, yard-logistics, freezer storage, forestry, and agriculture.

Leading Performance

With an Intel Core i5 processor, 64-bit operating system, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a sunlight viewable XGA display the VERSO 10 computer is ready for the most demanding applications, such as HD video streaming, GEO calculations, and real-time data. The JLT VERSO Plus 10 computer is also available with the Intel Atom D2550 processor.

To ensure a reliable wireless communication over a long range during difficult conditions, the JLT VERSO+ 10 computer features built-in highly sensitive PIFA antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth, custom-made for optimal performance. The unit can also be equipped with external antennas for both WiFi and Bluetooth for very demanding environments such as ports and other wide areas.

Proven Reliability

The JLT VERSO Plus 10 computer is based on the successful JLT computer platform that has been tested in the field by customers for many years around the globe. As with all JLT computers, it is designed from the bottom up to deliver maximum reliability and trouble free operation in very tough environments.

New Flexibility

The compact format and the innovative QuickLock feature makes the JLT VERSO+ 10 computer ideal for installations in tight spaces such as a drivers cabin.


Physical Dimension - 251 mmx207mmx48mm / Weight - 2.7Kg
Processor   Intel Core™ i3, i7 or E3845
RAM 8GB DDR 3 (Core™ i3 or i7)



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