Tough Technology for Tough Environments

RUGGED MOBILE Systems provides high levels of personalised technical service assisting clients and customers in their selection of rugged mobile computing devices matched to their specific requirements.  We work with you guiding you through the wide range of rugged hardware choices from the world’s leading manufacturers and then help you evaluate and install your selection of rugged hardware.

Whether you need PDA’s, tablet PC’s, notebooks, vehicle fixed mounted PC’s or other rugged hardware options for outdoor computing applications, the RUGGED MOBILE Systems team will help you to set up and deploy your choice of rugged devices quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Designed Applications

For all applications from simple and straightforward to complex and wide-ranging, the team at RUGGED MOBILE Systems will assist you with configuring and customising your rugged mobile computing requirements providing training, assistance and expert advice when and as you need it.

In every case, RUGGED MOBILE Systems obtains best possible pricing for your rugged device selection so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have obtained the most competitive purchase in the rugged device market.  All the rugged products we recommend and bring to market are supported by long term maintenance and service contracts.

Rugged Brochure 2017