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Handheld Nautiz X2

• Screen Size - 4.7“ Multi-touch
• Cpu - Octa Core 2.0GHz
• OS - Android 9.0
• IP Rating - IP65

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Introducing the new Nautiz X2, the most compact and comfortable rugged handheld available.

The Nautiz X2 is the ideal handheld for today’s mobile workforce. With enterprise-level capabilities, it can handle all your tasks – and your rough-and-tumble environments. Plus it offers the portability, feel and sophistication of an Android smartphone. All this, and it’s the best value in the market.  


The Nautiz X2 is a true all-in-one: a computer, a scanner, a camera and a 4G/LTE phone. The new X2 has improved 3,600mAH standard and 7,200mAh extended user replaceable batteries. Comes with NFC (13.56MHz) as standard, optional UHF reader or long range barcode scanner.

First, the basics: Accomplish your daily tasks with the power of a quad-core processor and easy-to-use Android 9.0 OS. But then add a high-quality, high-speed 1D/2D scanner with three dedicated scan buttons. The integrated camera offers the clarity and versatility of 8 megapixels, with autofocus and flash. And, to top it off, the Nautiz X2 has the kind of phone functionality you would expect from a consumer smartphone. Google GMS allows you to download Play Store apps and use Google Maps. The Nautiz X2 is a rugged superstar with efficiency at its core.


The real trick is to combine all this functionality – plus rugged durability – into a device that just plain feels good in your hand. No other handheld lets you do your work with the combination of small size, light weight and sleek design of the Nautiz X2. You’ve got to feel it to believe it.

Physical Dimension -  150x73.5x16mm / Weight - 230g
Operating System  Android 9.0 (GMS)
4.7" IPS panel 1280x720 with Glove/Rain Mode



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