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Hands Free Carrying Solutions

• Reduce carry strain
• Allow hands free usage
• Comfortable ergonomic designs

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The weight of mobile computers is not particularly significant for short usage periods. However when users are expected to carry and use such equipment for extended period of time, consideration must be given to the most appropriate way to avoid strain to the arm and hands. In addition, many tasks require the mobile computer to be used in conjunction with other equipment, or the user has to carry out other tasks with hands at the same time as needing to use the computing device. To this end RUGGED MOBILE Systems Ltd is pleased to make available a range of unique hands–free solutions that solve these problems for both small handheld computing devices using the Sacci Belt Flip-up, and larger Tablet and Notebook PC’s using the Sacci Hook Shoulder Harness.

Making users more productive with safe and comfortable hands free solutions
  • Reduce carry strain
  • Allow hands free usage
  • Comfortable ergonomic designs
  • Ideal for long term usage

RUGGED MOBILE Systems also offer custom made holders, for the following units:
  • Motion J-Series Tablet,
  • Panasonic Notebooks and FZ-G1 Tablet,
  • Xplore iX104C5 Tablet
  • Trimble Ranger 3 PDA
  • Trimble Recon PDA
  • Trimble Nomad PDA
  • Getac V110 convertible Tablet to Notebook
  • Getac F110 Tablet
  • Plus many more.




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