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iKey SK-79 Keyboard

• Humidity - 100% Humidity
• Shock - 3x11 ms
• Weight - 0.45kg
• IP Rating - N/A

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The iKey SK-79 Keyboard has been designed for those mobile applications when a small-footprint keyboard will come in handy. Featuring an integrated HulaPoint II™ pointing device with dual left-click capability, the iKey SK-79 Keyboard offers a large amount of functionality in an ultra-small package. Like other keyboards in the iKey line, the iKey SK-79 Keyboard features sealed industrial silicone rubber keypads, along with robust ABS polycarbonate cases. The iKey SK-79 Keyboard features mounting holes in its case.

  • 12 Function Keys
  • Integrated HulaPoint II™ Pointing Device
  • Meets NEMA 4X (IP65) Specifications
  • Polycarbonate Case with Mounting Holes
  • USB and PS/2 configurations available


Physical Dimension - 236.5x98.6x40.9 / Weight - 0.45Kg
Cable LENGTH: 3 feet (0.91 meters) PS/2
Key Switch  MATERIAL: Industrial silicone rubber




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