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iKey sl-86-911 Keyboard

• Humidity - 100% Humidity
• Shock - 3x11 ms
• Weight - 0.91kg
• IP Rating - N/A

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The iKey sl-86-911 Keyboard offers a rugged keyboard and a rugged computer pointing device in one compact package. Ideal for public safety applications, it features a specially designed emergency key and red LED backlit keys. The iKey sl-86-911 Keyboard integrates the HulaPoint II™, an upgraded pointing device that offers improved sensitivity and increased durability. Featuring a compact design with mounting holes, the iKey sl-86-911 Keyboard fits securely in a vehicle’s console to serve effectively as a mobile application. It boasts a completely sealed and ruggedized construction that allows it to meet NEMA 4X specifications, ensuring that this keyboard is sealed against the elements or unwanted spills.

  • 12 Function Keys
  • 86-Key Functionality
  • AT/Serial, PS/2 and USB or configurations available
  • Integrated Backlighting
  • Integrated HulaPoint II™ Pointing Device
  • One-Touch Emergency Key


Physical Dimension - 289.6x160.0x47.2 / Weight - 0.91Kg
Cable LENGTH: 4 ft coiled (1.2 meters) DESIGN: "Y" PS/2
Key Switch MATERIAL: Industrial silicone rubber




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