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iKey StreetCase iPad Case

• Rugged case & keyboard
• Drop-proof and submersible
• Apple hotkeys
• IP Rating - N/A

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Product Description

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Armour-clad protection for your iPad

If you are looking for the ultimate protective casing for your iPad, look no further than the iKey StreetCase Rugged iPad Case. Clip it into place and your iPad becomes a rugged laptop, ready for any environment and primed for action. The iKey StreetCase Rugged iPad Case is the first product on the market with these multifunctional capabilities and it offers an industrial strength solution at a fraction of what you might expect to pay. Clipped into the StreetCase™, you can take your iPad 2, 3 or 4 anywhere.

When the case is closed, it is completely dust and dirt resistant, drop proof and it can even be safely submerged underwater. You will be able to take your iPad into places with extreme temperatures, movement, vibrations and moisture quite safely. But the iKey® StreetCase™ offers more than just protection in hostile environments; the fully-sealed integrated Bluetooth keyboard allows for heavy levels of data input, transforming your iPad into a fully-functional laptop. Along with a choice of three levels of red LED backlighting to allow night-time use, the keyboard also features iPad-specific hotkeys.

The StreetCase™ is targeted at government, military and corporate users who need iPad accessibility in the field. It has an integrated VESA pattern underneath to enable use with existing vehicle mounts, and there is the option of a quick-release mount for an uninterrupted interchange between vehicular and field use. Internal rails allow the screen to be locked in place at multiple viewing angles, and when closed, the StreetCase™ can be transported using the rugged handle or optional shoulder strap.
  • Rugged case & keyboard
  • Drop-proof and submersible
  • Bluetooth® keyboard
  • Multilevel backlighting
  • 2 month battery life
  • Apple hotkeys
  • VESA mounting pattern
  • Fits iPad 2, 3 or 4


Specs Description
Physical Dimension - 12.40"x12.70"x2.29"
Material Industrial Silicone Rubber
Compatability Fits Apple iPad



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