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• 12.1" sunlight readable display (500 or 1000 NITS)

• Cpu - Intel Core i3 or i7

• OS - Windows 10

• IP Rating - IP65 (IP66 with Roxtec)

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The VERSO™ 12 high-performance computers from JLT is specifically developed for use in the harshest environments and for business-critical functions where performance and reliability are of utmost importance. The VERSO computer is built on the successful JLT computer platform that has been the base for many delivered computers of various configurations.

  • High-performance processor options; Intel© Core™ i3, i7 or E3845 quad-core, for demanding applications
  • JLT PowerTouch™ display technology with hardened glass for outstanding resistance to wear and tear reduces disruptive computer downtime
  • Rugged design for outdoor and indoor usage
  • Integrated backup battery for uninterrupted operation
  • 12.1" sunlight readable display (500 or 1000 NITS)
  • Optional integrated Mobile Broadband
Physical Dimension - 305x255x59 mm / Weight - 3.5Kg
Processor   Intel Core™ i3, i7 or E3845
RAM 8GB DDR 4 (Core™ i3 or i7)



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