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Juniper Systems Geode GNS3 - NEW

Geode GNS3 optional mutil-frequency, multi-constellation

Up to 20Hz update rates

• iPhone, iPad, Windows & Android compatible

• Accuracy: <60cm out the box - option on GNS3M for Atlas subscription down to 10cm

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Introducing the Geode GNS3 Sub-meter GPS Receiver 

Same great device, even greater connectivity

Juniper Systems is excited to introduce the next evolution of the Geode™ Sub-meter GPS Receiver, the GNS3. This new release of the Geode features connectivity with iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android, providing you with an even more versatile and powerful tool.

With over 800 receiver channels, and update rate of up to 20Hz, and GNS multi-frequency with multi-constellation, this really is the the best in cutting-edge technology.

Looking for a simple and scalable sub-meter, sub-foot, and decimeter GNSS solution at an affordable price? With the Geode, you can easily collect real-time GNSS data without the huge price tag or complexity of other precision receivers.


- Geode GNS3S - sub-metre (<60cm) accuracy: single frequency (no option to upgrade to muilti-frequency or Atlas subscription)

- Geode GNS3M Antenna model - sub-metre (<60cm) accuracy: with single frequency but option to pay to upgrade to multi-frequency (L1,L2 & L5) at a later date and then purchase Atlas subscriptions for H10 (10cm), H30 (30cm) or Basic 50 cm subscription.

- Geode GNS3M Receiver model - sub-metre (<60cm) accuracy and multi-frequency out-the-box. Can then purchase Atlas subscriptions: H10 (10cm), H30 (30cm) or Basic 50 cm subscription, either at point of sale or after sale*

All models support local differential GNSS RTK/CORS network corrections through the Geode Connect NTRIP Client.

*Please note upgrades and subscriptions cheaper at point of sale than at a later date.

Geode GNS3 Features:

  • SCALABLE ACCURACY – Collect precision multi-frequency, multi-constellation GNSS data at various accuracy levels
  • WORLDWIDE CORRECTIONS  – Multiple correction sources provide precise, real-time data
  • JUNIPER RUGGED™ – IP68-rated and designed to withstand harsh environments
  • AFFORDABLE – Professional accuracy at a budget-friendly price
  • COMPACT SIZE – Small and lightweight for all-day use
  • OPEN INTERFACE – Works with Juniper Systems’ handhelds, and a wide range of Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad devices
  • SIMPLE TO USE – Intuitive and easy operation, one-button simplicity
  • ALL-DAY BATTERY LIFE – Ideal for long workdays


Physical Dimensions - 110 x 110 x 57 mm / Weight - 394g

SBAS (WAAS): <30 cm horizontal RMS (<60 cm 2DRMS).

Down to 10cm accuracy with Atlas subscriptions 

Battery 6000 mAh Li-ion (10 hours)


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