CYBER ESSENTIALS is an effective, Government backed scheme that helps to protect businesses, against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are very basic in nature, carried out by relatively unskilled individuals.

They’re the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked.

With this in mind, we thought it would be prudent to ensure that RUGGED Mobile Systems are protected against potential threats, as safeguarding our business and customer information is our priority.

Obtaining the certification through Secure Business Computing Solutions, we needed to prove diligence is areas such as:

  • Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways
  • Secure Configuration
  • Access Control
  • Malware Protection
  • Patch Management

 This achievement has given us a clearer picture of our cyber security level.

We already had robust systems in place to reduce our vulnerability, and now with the CYBER ESSENTIALS certification, we can continue to provide our customers with the first-rate service they have always experienced at RUGGED Mobile Systems, safe in the knowledge that their details and privacy will always be protected.

Well done Team RMS!

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