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Nexcom NANO 1190-C4S

• Dimensions - 165x137.6x82.5mm
• Cpu - Arm Cortex-A9
• OS - Linux 
• Memory - 1GB

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The vehicle NVR NANO 1190-C4S is a standalone networking video recorder, specially designed for vehicle applications for liveview, recording and playback.

The vehicle NVR/ train NVR NANO 1190 series is built with embedded VMS inside, and is able to support 4ch multiple brands of IP cameras, ONVIF compliant, with up to [email protected] Besides, to fulfill more and more complicated application nowadays, NANO 1190 can connect with various NAS with Samba, NFS and FTP protocols. The capability of assigning fixed IP address is absolutely key feature for the installation of IP cameras.

The NANO 1190 series supports 2 x 802.3at/4 x 802.3af (Max. 60W) PoE ports to connect with IP cameras. The design of 2.5" removable SSD helps to access storage easily. The system with operating temp from -40 degree Celsius to 70 degree Celsius and 9V ~ 36V DC in is suitable to work in the unstable and tough installation environment. Ignition on/off feature is particularly designed for vehicle application, and lockable connector (M12 type) on I/O is necessary for railway. NANO 1190 also pass the certification criteria of E13 and EN50155 Tx.

  • Standalone NVR (embedded VMS built-in)
  • 4 x PoE ports 4ch IP Camera [email protected]
  • Support ONVIF compliant camera
  • Support Samba/NFS/FTP protocols to connect NAS
  • Capability of assigning fixed IP address
  • 802.3at/820.3af (Max. 60W)
  • 2.5" removable SSD
  • Operating temp.: -40°C ~ 70°C
  • 9V ~ 36V DC in
  • CE/FCC/E13 certificated
Physical Dimension - 216.5x137.6x82.5mm
Processor   Arm Cortex-A9




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