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Windows Tablets

Rugged Mobile Systems

Rugged Windows 10 Tablets designed from the inside out to be durable for your work environment.  Ranging from 7” to 20” capacitive or digitiser, high brightness, displays. 

All with drop resistance, MIL-STD-801G approvals, Ingress Protection rating for dust and water.  Many with option for integral cameras, 1D/2D barcode & RFID readers, finger print readers, a range of ports including RJ-45 & RS232 ports.  Some with integral thermal imaging cameras.  All offer GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth (most Class 1) and option for 4G mobile broadband.  Several with optional Pass Through Antenna for GPS, WiFi & 4G.  All with a broad range of accessories including fixed position and vehicle mounting, charging solutions, carry cases etc.

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  1. Handheld Algiz 8X
    Rugged Windows Tablet Handheld Algiz 8X
    Screen Size - 8” Capacitive Touchscreen Cpu - Intel Pentium Processor N3710 OS - Windows 10 Enterprise IP Rating - IP65
  2. Handheld ALGIZ 10X
    Rugged Windows Tablet Handheld ALGIZ 10X
    Screen Size - 10.1" (1920x1200) LED Cpu - Intel® quad-core N2930 1.83 GHz  OS - Windows 10 Enterprise IP Rating - IP65
  3. Handheld ALGIZ 7
    Rugged Windows Tablet Handheld ALGIZ 7
    Screen Size - 7" widescreen Cpu - Intel N2600 1.6 GHz Dual OS - Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate IP Rating - IP65

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