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Sewoo LK-P20 Printer

• Printing Speed - 15mm seconds
• IP Range - N/A
• Weight - 450g
• Paper Size - A7, A6

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The Sewoo LK-P20 Printer is designed to meet a wide range of printing needs, such as payment POS at restaurant tables, line busting POS in busy periods at department stores and fast food restaurants, and mobile POS for quick service at such locations as stadiums and amusement places. Labels can be printed and attached on site for many uses, such as shelf labels, discount labels, and price tags at retail stores.

  • Durable and robust with rugged design
  • Magnectic stripe reader & smart card reader (Option)
  • Standard interface RS-232C , USB and optional Bluetooth or Wi-Fi ( 02.11b/g ) available
  • Prints at 80mm per second
  • Fast AC charger and long life battery : 2 Hrs charging time, 17 Hrs stand-by
  • Optional accessories : leather case, shoulder strap, cradle and vehicle charger (12/24V)
  • Various O/S drivers : Win CE/Mobile, Symbian, Linux, Blackberry


Physical Dimension - 96x136x58mm / Weight - 450g (Inc Battery)
Printing speed   15mm seconds
Dot Density 203dpi




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