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Unitech HT330

• 4" screen, with 32 key numeric keyboard

• Powerful 2D Engine supporting major 1D/2D barcodes

• Android 12 OS with GMS certified

• IP67 protection

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Transform your task with Unitech’s HT330 — rugged handheld terminal embedded with an unrivaled 2D engine and running on the latest Android
12. The latest Android 12 platform with GMS provides an intuitive interface to manage data effectively on a 4-inch screen and has integrated all
features you need from stock checking to shipping. As a reliable work companion, HT330 shows outstanding software support as well as
trustworthy scanning hardware that optimizes work performance. The removable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery carries your task for over 20 hours,
allowing a full shift to go on. Reaching IP67 enterprise protection and withstanding 1.5 drop makes HT330 a perfect tool to maximize data collection,
management, and traceability in nearly every practice of retail, transportation& logistics, manufacturing, and more!

Choice of Optimum Scanning
When it comes to facilitating work efficiency and minimizing errors at service, HT330 is the best choice of optimal data collection terminal for the retail and warehousing field. This high-performance handheld terminal featuring a powerful 2D engine has upgraded to Android 12 OS to empower staff with an easy-scan, simple-check convenience. The GMS certification allows staff to access a set of pre-installed apps and services meant to boost productivity.

Extending Battery Capacity for All Day
A larger battery capacity of HT330 means fewer battery replacements and longer operation time. The removable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery supports 20 working hours, making it a suitable device for intensive scanning scenarios, like inventory checks. The 3GB RAM/32GB Flash memory storage undertake a high volume of data even after hours.

Rich and Reliable Wireless Connection
The 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/e/h/i/j/k/r/v standards and faster transmission synchronize information in real-time to ensure barrier-free communication. HT330 lays a foundation of instant visibility into what's happening and being done under 2.4G+5GHz bandwidth. The Bluetooth® 5.0 improves the connectivity of related pairing devices, and the GPS function further tracks location more precisely.

Friendly Panel in Rugged housing
The one-hand terminal combines a 4-inch touchscreen with 32 keys physical keypad, providing a flexible interface to satisfy industries’ requirements. Water-resistant, dust-proof, and enduring drop to 1.5 m, HT330 can handle all demanding environments.

● Powerful 2D Engine supporting major 1D/2D barcodes

● Android 12 OS with GMS-certified

● Full-shift 20 hours operation time

● Removable 5200mAh Lithium-ion battery

● Friendly panel design: 4” Touchscreen / Intuitive Backlight 32 Keys Keypad

● Support wireless Bluetooth® 5.0

● Enterprise Ruggness: IP67 rated protection/ 1.5M drop-to-concrete

Physical   L185 x W70 x H23.8 mm
Weight: 295g (including standard battery)
Battery Main battery 3.85V 
Display 4" WVGA 800 X 480, Backlight (450nits)


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