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Unitech TS100 2D Presentation Scanner

• Resolution - 1D: 4 mil, 2D: 6.7 mil

• Scanner Type - 1D and 2D Barcodes

• Illumination: 650nm RED LED

Supports RS232 and USB interface

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The Unitech TS100 is a high-performance 2D presentation scanner. It saves space and it is perfect for little nooks and counters. This imager has a big rectangular scanning window design to allow for simple reading of the largest potential scan area. The TS100 can read both written and digital barcodes that are presented on a smartphone or tablet. It's ideal for retail cashiers, event tickets, and foodservice applications. 

Break free from the bulky scanners of the past and step into the future of barcode reading with the TS100. This tiny device is a space saver and fits in
small spaces for a number of set-up configurations. Capable of reading 1D and 2D printed or digital barcodes, the TS100 offers supports hands-free
scanning for less strain on hands and reduced wear and tear to the device.

Improved Productivity
The Unitech TS100 is the most cost-efficient desktop 2D scanner on the market. It can scan and decode 1D & 2D barcodes rapidly; significantly
saving time and cost in the process. TS100 features a simple rectangle scan window design to ensure the widest possible scanning area for easy

The TS100 reads printed and digital barcodes efficiently including codes on smart phone and tablet screens. A rapid scan rate and simple switcheable read mode suited to your need makes the compact TS100 an ideal tool for retail, medical, and manufacturing environments.

Small Footprint
Created as a more eco-friendly choice, the TS100 is small enough for countertops with limited space. It is constructed with less materials than larger scanners for a device you can be confident in choosing as a green alternative to heftier and noisier competitors

Main Features:
Large scan window for increased work efficiency
Operates on auto-sensing mode
Reads most 1D & 2D barcodes
Supports multiple scanning modes (normal, smart phone & rapid modes)
Support RS232 and USB interface

Frame Rate  60 fps
Resolution 1D: 4 mil, 2D: 6.7 mil
Communication USB, RS232



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