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Zebra RS409 Ring Scanner

• Scan Rate - 92 Scans/per sec
• Scanner Type - 1D / 2D
• Weight - 56.7g
• IP Range - N/A

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Put the latest in scanning technology at the fingertips of your workers with the Zebra RS409 Wearable Ring Scanner Ring Scanner. Worn directly on the finger or over a gloved hand, this scanner combines all-day comfort with real-time high-performance scanning, boosting productivity and reducing errors and costs throughout the enterprise for a rapid return on investment.

Part of the WT4000 Series Wearable Computer System, the Zebra RS409 Wearable Ring Scanner Wearable Ring Scanner is designed for use in the most demanding and scan-intensive environments, delivering maximum uptime and minimal total cost of ownership.

SE955 scan engine
Provides superior scanning performance and the ability to read even damaged or poorly printed bar codes.

Retro-collective optical design
Provides extremely wide working range for increased productivity.

Bright scan line and aim mode
Provides intuitive ease-of-use across the entire working range.

New housing design
Improved abrasion resistance in areas most likely to wear.

Die cast zinc scan engine chassis, single board construction, scan engine isolation
Improves impact protection for scan engine to ensure maximum reliability.

Supports Reduced Space Symbology (RSS)
Broadens the range of your scanning capabilities and increases investment protection.

New swivel feature
Enables easy switching from right to left hand use.


Physical Dimension - 4.8cmx3.6cmx4.8cm / Weight - 56.7gm
Light Source 650nm LASER 1.55mW
Scan Rate 92 min., 104 typical, 116 max



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