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Nexcom VTK-62B

• Smart UPS for in-vehicle application
• Communication - RS232/ SMBus
• Capacity - 8600mAh
• Compatible with Nexcom vehicle/railway PCs

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Nexcom VTK-62B Smart UPS Kit for In-Vehicle Application

The Nexcom VTK-62B is an intelligent rechargeable battery kit to provide an uninterrupted power with a built-in battery management system. It is designed to use with Nexcom vehicle/railway computers with enhanced charge/ discharge efficiency. Through RS-232 and SMBus interface, the VTK-62B can provide crucial information about the status of the battery. Main Features of the VTK-62B:

  • Smart UPS for in-vehicle application
  • Big battery capacity 8600 mAh
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable cell
  • Real-Time battery status availability
  • SDK for software development
  • RS-232/SMBus for communication
  • Power off delay time setting

The VTK-62B1-BK bracket kit allows you to attach VTK-62B to the Nexcom VTC1020, VTC1020-PA, VTC1910, VTC1911-IPK.

The VTK-62B2-BK bracket kit allows you to attach VTK-62B to other Nexcom VTC and MVS Series computers.

Physical VTK-62B + VTK-62B1-BK, 280 (W) x 150 (D) x 42.2 (H) mm
Physical  VTK-62B + VTK-62B2-BK, 297.3 (W) x 175 (D) x 39 (H) mm
Power Input: 9~36VDC, Output: 12 VDC




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