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Procyon T Series Geopod


The Procyon T Series Geopod is a range of USB devices which give location accuracies down to 1-2cm using additional GPS capabilities you won’t see in standard devices. They are a range of GNSS modules which can be plugged into any hardware which can act as a USB host. This provides you with a low cost way of upgrading your existing infrastructure to be geospatially aware at high professional class levels of accuracy.

The Procyon T Series Geopod can be mounted onto tablet computers or laptops or used standalone, linked to a USB host by cable. The Procyon Geopod range consists of 3 different variants each offering different accuracy capabilities (70cm-1m, 30cm-50cm, 1-2cm) depending on how you want to use the device and the application. A Procyon Geopod can be used in various applications such as construction, field service, utility mapping, highway maintenance, arboriculture, local authority mapping and emergency services.

The really exciting part of the Procyon T Series Geopod is that it is a USB accessory. This allows the Geopod to work with any computer or hardware platform that supports USB 2.0 and can act as a USB host. Applications we’ve seen it used for include autonomous robots, tractors, tablets, gantry cranes and UAVs. If you’ve got an application that requires high precision positioning why not get in touch and we’ll discuss how the Procyon T Series Geopod can be used and integrated.

Drivers for the Geopod are available for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OSX and Linux.

For Windows use we have also created a piece of software called Proset, which allows you to configure and control the Geopod in a user-friendly environment, or even by API calls from your own software. For other platforms software could be written to control the Geopod, either by the customer (integrated with their own software) or by Blackroc Technology.


Specs Description
Physical Dimension – 110 x 78 x 35mm / Weight – 200g
USB cable exit  Left or right handed
Drop Rating 1.5m (excluding on-board geo-helix ANTENNA)


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